Barbarea vulgaris, your viewpoint?

leahd_zone5(5 - Northwest Ohio)May 11, 2009

Through the Name That Plant forum I discovered I have one Barbarea vulgaris growing on the north (full shade) side of my house here in Northwest Ohio. After obtaining the name of the plant I did a little online research and saw it is classified as a weed. I think it's pretty and I'm seriously considering just leaving it as is.

Does anyone have any experience with these in their yards?

My flower garden is about 10 feet away and around the corner of my house so I would obviously not want it to get around to that side of the house and overtake the flowers there.

I appreciate any and all feedback!

Here is a link that might be useful: A photo of Barbarea vulgaris

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A "weed" is a plant growing where you do not want it to grow, so if you like that plant, and it is growing where you want it, it is not a "weed".

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I like the sort of crunch that the flower heads make when you chew on them. Not to everyones taste but I grew up munching on them.

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