help me ID this weed please

thomasamillerMay 5, 2009

Can somebody please ID this weed? The image is attached. It looks like "clover" to me, but I am not experienced with identifying weeds. I have already put down Lesco weed and feed, and it has not gotten rid of this. Each of these patches is about 2'x2'. HELP!! What weed is it, how do I kill it?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It _is_ clover. Why do you want to get rid of it?

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thanks for your help. it is covering a large part of my yard and I would rather have grass, and this clover is spreading everywhere. What do you advise?

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I would enjoy the clover. Rabbits like clover and will eat it in place of your other plants.

Start by getting you lawn healthy. The healthy grass if you are unlucky will cause the areas of clover to shrink.

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Clover often does well in poor soils since it fixes its own nitrogen being in the legume family. Grass is typically nitrogen hungry. What you have in clover is a great cover crop and great for the bees.

I just wonder why we don't love clover that does not ruin the water supply and the oceans with fertilizer and is cheap and green improving the soil while also having nice purple flowers(red clover) that feed the bumble bees that are an important pollinator.

If you must have grass you may likely need to improve your soil. However grass does not flower so consider feeding the bees.

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