Unknown animal track.

dakster(z6 Cent.CT)May 8, 2007

Hi all.. been a while..I know I know...

Anyways.. Seems I have a nocturnal visitor who just LOVES to sip on my hummer nectar. All I know about this animal is: Nocturnal, probably a burrower, can climb/jump, and likes sweets! Here is a link to the picture of the track I was able to get. I have a few guesses but I would love to hear what the experts say. Now that I have my evidence (track) I will start taking in the feeder at night.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)


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catherinet(5 IN)

Those coons will take anything. I had suet out hanging in a metal container, and they took that. I used to hang Dial soap up on my pine trees to keep away the deer, and they would steal that too! I could just imagine them blowing bubbles after eating it. haha
Can you hang your hummer feeder on a pole that the coons can't climb, or maybe from a hook on the overhang of your house? Seems like a drag to bring that thing in every night.

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Wow..that seemed awfully large for a raccoon, and one never thinks they will have something like that roaming their yard in a suberban neighborhood that has been there fro well over 50 years. Funny how they never went after the bird feeders though..the seed ones..just the nectar and this is a recent development.

LOL..Dial soap... now THAT is funny. Prolly can't hang them from the eves and whatnot..I'll prolly just take them in for now..they aren't far from the house..just walk on the deck and grab them. However, when I make my hummer garden I'll probably want to rethink that strategy and get myself a coon guard.

Thanks for the ID!

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catherinet(5 IN)

They can have really long nails........so those might have made the footprint look larger than it really is. Coons are everywhere.

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Grr... :-)

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This is a bit of a late post, but what the heck. About raccoons.....

One Thanksgiving we had the gang at our house. My dad, at the early stages of Alzheimer's decided to make his specialty...pumpkin pecan pie. Unfortunately he forgot to add sugar and I don't think he cooked the crust or something. Whatever it was it was sort of funny. Not telling him what he'd done we just ate the other desserts and told him we'd be glad to keep his.

We put it outside, disposable tin and all, and the next morning everything was gone! We laughed. Next spring out by our back gardening shed, I spied something shiny and silver. It was the pie plate, pushed out of the raccoon's "house!"

We laughed some more!!

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