roeslee, your front yard.....

patty_cakesMay 7, 2012

I was over in the gallery and checked out your pictures of the front yard~awesome! How long have you had the 'no-grass solution'? I'm hoping to 'eradicate' that dang St. Augustine in mine eventually. SOON won't be soon enough! ;o)

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Hi Patty-cakes! We took out the front lawn about 5 years ago. My hubby, Bob, did the work. He removed the St. Augustine with the flat end of a pick, shook the dirt out and put the grass in a wheelbarrow. I wheeled it to the compost pile. He put down landscape fabric and spread gravel we brought in by the bag. He did it piece meal and it took a few weeks for the fairly small lawn area. There's been no problem with St. Augustine trying to grow back.

Only a little maintenance is required in the spring such as blowing the fallen leaves under the hedge and into the perennial bed beside the driveway.

Also there's a little weed pulling here and there, mostly seeds from our Cedar elm tree. Applying weed preventing granules would greatly reduce the need for that.

For a couple of years we just had the gravel and the birdbath which had been there before. It was sure nice not having to water, mow and trim in front.

Then one day I got a creative urge and started hauling pots to the front, planted them with agaves, yuccas, etc., and arranged a few rocks. I love the look and enjoy the shapes, colors, and qualities of desert plants.

In the back yard we reduced the lawn by widening flower beds and laying some paths. We also plugged in Floratam St. Augustine into what was left. It's very vigorous and has taken over the Raleigh St. Augustine. Floratam, which we fertizing organically, takes sun with much less water.

Good luck with your project of eradicating St. Augustine :-)

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