The Weeds been Id'd

melbeu(4a/4b WI)June 1, 2006

The crazy thing that was taking over my garden was Feverfew. I sprayed most of it and let it die and then pulled it.

This weekend I got a response to the letter I sent the previous owner regarding all the flowers and such in the yard. I thought you would all be interested in knowing what I have been blessed with

Nanking Cherries

Concord and Mac apple trees

3 kinds of grapes

kiwi fruit

mulberry bushes

black rasberries, gooseberries,red and white currants, josta berry

Herbs, Tyme,chives,mint, garlic,sage, taragon,winter savory,oregano,germander


Italian arum

trout lilly

great merry bell

suloman seal

wild ginger

Kansas gay feather

monks hood



meadow rue

and the list goes on

I sure have alot of reading to do!!! Thanks again for all the reponses they were much appreciated

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faerieannette(z7 MD)

I am jealous!!!!

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