Gardenia - August Beauty or Mystery?

jardineratxMay 3, 2010

I finally have an area that I believe will be ideal for one or two gardenia bushes. The area is about 8 foot long and 3 foot deep. I don't want the small-leaf low growers, but the tall large ones like August Beauty or Mystery. Of course, I prefer one that will repeat bloom, if there is such a gardenia. I know they do well with some shade and acidic soil, but I am very interested to hear suggestions regarding varieties of gardenias.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Where are you located? You will definitely need acidic soil otherwise you will have to be sure to amend it. Down here in south Texas, I've never had any luck with them, so I just keep one in a big pot and feed it coffee. Here is a website with some of the varities. Good luck!

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I'm about 40 mi nw of Houston. I know that gardenias require an acidic soil to perform well, but since my azaleas, hydrangeas and magnolias are doing well, the PH of the soil is not too concerning to me. I'm basically trying to get feedback on the blooming and growth patterns of these 2 specific gardenias. Thanks so much for you response, I really appreciate it.

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Good luck!! Im in S.A. And had a gardenia which blo
omed one magnificent flower then nearly died.i read that they need night temperatures of around 60�,so I dug it up and potted it near a large window.theres finally new growth but no more blooms yet.

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