Need help with an annoying Robin

KeeyaMay 2, 2005

I need HELP.

First off I love birds. I like them visiting in my garden but I have an annoying problem with a Robin that visits.

For 2 weeks he keeps coming to my front window. He pecks ALL DAY LONG on the glass. I close the blinds, that doesn't work. I've also put a fake cat on the window ledge. Nothing works. He doesn't seem to be frightened of me. He hops away, but stays close. If I get him to leave, he then goes to back of house and hangs on the kitchen window and pecks. This goes on ALL DAY from sunrise to sunset. My windows are filthy. The constant pecking has become very annoying. My front porch also looks like Pigeons live here (all the droppings)...what a MESS.

We do own a parrot. We've had her for 13 years. She IS very vocal/noisy. 3 weeks ago we left for a week long trip and family members stopped in daily to care for her. I'm wondering if she made such a racket vocally while we were away as this trouble with the Robin was noticed immediately upon our return.

I hope I don't have to put up with the window pecking and bird poop all over the porch for the whole Summer.

Has anyone here had this trouble? How did you resolve it if you did find a solution?

Thanks...hope this is the right forum for this question.


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jillmcm(z6 PA)

Odds are that the bird has established a territory including your window and is fighting his reflection. Try soaping the window to see if that discourages him. I doubt your parrot has anything to do with it.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

You can hang something outside the window, to break up the reflection.

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tropicanarama(Chicago 5b)

I second that the little guy is locked in mortal combat with his reflection. He'll keep pecking and pooping until you do something to get rid of the reflection.

Window film lets light through, but blocks UV rays. It also reduces glare - how much depends on what kind you get. They can be clear, tinted, decorative, or textured like frosted glass (also called privacy film.) With all of them except the textured, you can see out the window fine, but someone looking in might not get a regular reflection like plain glass. Maybe one of those would work. ...20 bucks would get you enough to do your whole porch - look up "window film" on HD/Lowes/etc.

If that's not a good option for you, then you could put lengths of window screening on the *outside* of the house, over the whole window frame - that would break up the reflection enough to render the poor robin's evil twin invisible.

As far as keeping him and his poop off your porch, try luring him a little out of the way by setting up a little robin feeder a little distance away from the porch, maybe near a tree out further on the lawn. The food will draw him away.

(Robins don't eat seeds. They like to eat on a flat surface instead of out of a regular bird feeder - you can use an overturned bucket or a table. Robins love worms and any kind of berries, but they'll be happy with a whole lot of different stuff. You can set out one of those storebought trays with suet or peanut butter mixtures, or you can put out all kinds of food you probably already have- soft cheese, pecans, shelled peanuts, peanut butter, little bits of sliced apples or pears - even little bits of white bread or cornbread or donuts. The food will keep them a good distance off the porch. (Warning - all of these foods are mammalian faves too!)

good luck...

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

I'll try putting something on the window. The ideas above are great! If one doesn't work, I'll try the next. The biggest problem is -- if I do get him to leave the living room window he just goes around to back of house and starts in on the kitchen window. I'll have to do something to both windows.

I mentioned this problem to a neighbor (2 houses away). She's having the SAME trouble. I can't believe it's MY Robin...LOL...he couldn't possibly have time to take over TWO houses. I waited for him to take a break...nope...he stayed here. I figured if he let up, I'd walk toward neighbors to see if he was the same bird harrasing her. Didn't get opportunity playing detective as he stuck around here.

It's night. He goes somewhere. I have peace (no peck peck pecking). He woke me up at 6:10 am. I'm sure he will be on time in the morning.


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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

Birds will go to such great lengths to fight their own reflections! We had a male bluebird discover himself in the mirror and side glass of my husband's work truck. He would puff up his feathers and dive at the mirror, and since the "bird in the mirror" would then vanish, he'd perch on the mirror where he would immediately spot himself in the side window glass and it would start all over again. Eventually all the mirrors and windows were whitewashed and he was exhausted. We finally hung opaque plastic bags on the mirrors and windows and put an end to it.
I'd say if you can eliminate the robin's reflection, you may have it made.

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I hate Robins because they are so noisy. They are the loudest, long-lasting chirping birds ever. They drive me nuts. They are worse than roosters. They start early in the am and never shut up! how do you get rid of them without cutting down your trees?

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It's fairly easy to do, get a desk lamp from your area and point it out our window The light will eliminate any reflection.

Another item to try, bring up a picture or even a video of a hawk on your laptop or TV and stick up by the window. If he's not smart enough to know that the reflection isn't a real robin, may be it will stay away from the window from now on.


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I have a robin doing the exact same thing since last Friday afternoon. I will try hanging stuff outside as suggested I didn't want to get the ladder out but I guess I will have to.

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terrene(5b MA)

One Spring I had a Titmouse that was attacking one of the basement windows. I really worried about it because it was making a racket and throwing itself against the window!

It just so happens this was the only window in the house without a screen at the time, so it could see its reflection while hanging out in the Rhododendron. So temporarily, I hung a piece of screening loosely over the window. Problem solved! I've since installed a permanent screen on the window.

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same issue here. i was actually looking for ideas, so here i am.....

i put tin foil on the ledge outside. hope that works?

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I totally have the same problem!It sucks. what might help?

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This year, our robins have stopped hitting the window (although we did have to replace one pane where they broke the seal!), but they have built a nest on the cross beam of our front porch. Once the eggs hatched and the birds flew away, I removed the nest and cleaned up the mess. Today, they're back and rebuilding in the same spot! How can I get rid of them and keep them from rebuilding? They're covering my porch with bird poop and looks like a cage floor!

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terryr(z5a IL)

If you don't want the Robin's to nest there, remove the bits and pieces of nest they bring, as they bring it in, not allowing them to make the nest there. They'll get the hint and move somewhere else to make the nest.

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nanelle_gw(9/Sunset 14)

Same problem here. All of our huge, newly cleaned, plate glass windows have been festooned with various coverings for at least a month.

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I'm having the same problem but only this robin is attacking my car and making a mess all over the sides of my car, I've tried moving my car and it worked for a day or two and now the bird is back.

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