Something cutting off tomato branches

i_am_gray(5b)June 2, 2012

My biggest tomato plant which is roughly around 2 feet is losing its branches, or rather something is chopping them off. First i thought it might be the wind because it was around 20 mph for a couple of days but when I went on a almost non-windy day one of the top branches was cut. Another thing I should not is that when I was re-potting the plants I found these fat small worms, which I think might be cutworms but I'm not a %100 sure.

And all the stuff I've read on cutworms is that they attack stems, not branches, unless I'm wrong. So if someone knows whats going on I would be grateful. Also these worms did not go for the smaller plants which the smallest is about four inches tall.

Thank you

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

i_am_gray, are you growing in containers? What is your planting medium (dirt, potting mix, etc.)?

What size and color are the "fat small worms" you found?

Am I correct in understanding that you are finding the branches on the ground? Are leaves missing, or is the only damage the branch being removed from the plant? Does the break look like a cut ... or does it look chewed ... or does it look torn? Photos would help, if possible.

Are these "branches" suckers, compound leaves, or flower clusters?

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Yes i do grow my plants in containers because there are too many critters running around my backyard. I'm using potting mix, mixed with a bit of manure.

Well i would guess that the worms were about half to an inch big and when I picked them up they curled into balls and they were a off-white slightly gray in color. I found one branch on the ground and another one was almost cut off but not completely so it was hanging down and it literally feels like someone took a knife to the branches. I think the only damage so far is the branches being removed but I'm not a %100 sure.
I'll post pics up as soon as i can and as for what types of branches they are I'm not entirely sure but I'll have the info asap too.

Thank you for replying and helping :)

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