bluebird house mystery

plf333(z6 Ca)May 8, 2008

Hi, I hung a bluebird house & for 3 yrs. the bluebirds have nested in it & raised alot of babies. Last year a different little bird, with a big voice, came around singing & poking sticks into the bird house. I'm thinking that doesn't look very comfortable for the little ones. Anyway the bird stopped coming around & no other birds came around the house either. Towards winter, when I opened the house, it was jam packed with little sticks. I mean JAMM PACKED!! Floor to ceiling! Nothing could get in there. What's up with that?!? Thanks for any info. Peg

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sounds like you had a house wren. some people choose to discourage them because they can be aggressive towards other bird eggs sometimes, but i myself have never had that problem. i actually like having them around.

and yes, they do enjoy filling nesting cavities with lots, and lots, and lots of sticks. :)

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Yes House Wrens. They build Dummy Nests to keep other birds from nesting in their teritory. You wont have Blues if you don't take action. Wrens are native birds so you can not hurt them or their REAL nests (one that has a soft nest cup in the middle). Wrens will pirce the BB eggs and toss out the hatchlings, they can be a REAL problem. You can find out how to keep the Blues, Dees,TRES, TUTIs etc. safe from them at It's as simple as a piece of waxed cardboard!

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A small bird (sparrow or finch) built a nest in a holly bush behind my house. The nest had four light blue eggs.
Didn't bother to look at it for a couple of weeks then checked it. Apparently, young fleged but to my surprise, not the slightest trace of the nest remained and no debris nearby. Do some birds have reason to disasemble and remove the old nest completely?

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