Ailanthus altissima - Tree of Hell

sazji(8bNW Turkey)June 22, 2006

Hi all, I moved into a place last fall that was overgrown with Ailanthus. I dug/pulled out over 40 treese by the roots, but some are much too big to do that with. Some are large stumps which can send up shoots several feet high in a couple of weeks, not to mention the suckers that pop up all over the garden. And, it inhibits growth of certain plants as well.

Has anyone tried various methods of eradication, and to what degree of success?

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I feel for you.

I don't know how it ever got the name of "tree of heaven." I've spent the last month pulling dozens of young seedlings from my garden. There aren't any other ailanthus on my 3/4 acre lot but they're in the neighborhood....along the road. My feathered friends are responsible for "planting" them here I'm sure. I feed them in winter and keep fresh water in 2 bird baths for them and look how they repay me;)

As I understand from others who have tried to remove larger trees, the trunk should be cut, bruised and painted with Round-Up or Garlon. But I have no personal experience. I would suggest that you take this question over to the native plant forum here for more experienced advice. A gardenweb search will likely turn up some threads from other flustered ailanthus haters.

Good luck to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tree from HELL!

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turbo_tpl(z7a Richland WA)

I've spent a lot of time researching and trying ways to eradicate this horrid plant. The only surefire way I've found is Garlon 4 mixed with diesel fuel, basally applied to the lower 2' of the trunk/stem. I've smoked 40' trees in less than a month doing this.

Whatever you do, do **NOT** cut or girdle the trees. They response by throwing out root suckers like mad. The stem density will go up by a factor of ten.

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