Painting Round-up on Bermuda grass

jankay(7b)June 17, 2007

This bermuda just keeps poking up in my front bed and it doesn't want to be pulled out -- just snaps off at the soil line. Will it do any good to paint it with Round-up? There aren't too many. Should I cut a stem and make sure it gets in or paint the whole thing or what? Hate this stuff!

Thanks for any help,


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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

HA! Good luck painting it...I don't think anyone has a paintbrush that big:) won't work.

Can you give more info? How much bermuda do you have? There is a chemical product that kills ONLY bermuda grass...Ornamec. Read up carefully before you decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ornamec

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I probably have 7 or 8 heads of bermuda sticking up in this 15'x 7' bed -- not too much. I do have Ornamec, but am afraid to use it period, much less with the other plants. Those labels just terrify me and I like to avoid herbicides altogether if I can.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I understand perfectly about the Ornamec. I've been fighting BG for 7 yrs but I can't bring myself to use that stuff.

You can try wiping it with straight Round-up using a good rubber glove with a cotton glove over it. But, I believe it would take some time to do a complete kill that way because you'd have to wipe every leaf....maybe more than once.

Is it possible to loosen the soil around the roots using a spade or fork and gently tug it out?..without snapping the runners if possible. I do that in an area where I have berries growing but the soil is soft and pliable there. This is the best (organic) way to remove it that I know of.

Good luck!

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Thanks, Peggy, I will try that. Usually I can pull up the roots on the BG in the yard, but these just break off with even the gentlest tug. I think you're right that this is the best way, though. The places where I took my time last year and was diligent about eradicating just by pulling up roots have done really well this season.

Thanks for the advice, and for understanding about the Ornamec. I do feel silly -- I think I paid $35 for the stuff and have yet to open it.


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