The Impossumables

marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)May 24, 2007

I rehab possums and pick them up from the animal shelter a couple of times a week.

I received a call that they had two babies, and I hurried to get them because left uncared for, or not fed right, they can quickly develope permanent damage.

When I arrived at the shelter, no one knew anything about any baby possums, but they did have two big ones. Okay, I thought...I must have misunderstood.

The guy who runs the office had gone out for lunch, but was just walking in as I was leaving, and I asked him about two babies. Yes...he said they had two babies, and we looked and looked and couldn't find them anywhere.

I even had him call animal control and ask where the officer had left them. I live 40 miles from the shelter and didn't want to make another trip and didn't want them to go very long without being cared for.

The animal control lady said she had left them in the quarrantine room, in a tote on top of the washing machine, and they were wrapped up in some towels.

We went to look...and a kennel girl said she had taken the tote outside to wash it, and it was empty. She had put the towels in the washing machine.

My heart sank...the washing machine was going full force and full of towels.

We opened the door and took out the towels and in the bottom were the two baby possums. One wasn't moving at all and one was just barely moving. They were about the size of newborn kittens, and they were ice cold.

I took them to my truck and wrapped them in a tee shirt and put them on the dash where it was very warm.

By the time I got home, both were moving. Here is a picture made when I got them home, and a picture made a couple of weeks later. Both had pneumonia, but they have recovered and are big enough to be released now. I just need to take their final "Glamour" shots.

I call them The Impossumables...because no one thought I could save them. Fortunately, it was a front loading washer and the water was cold.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Amazing story. Thank you for what you do in caring for wildlings. Nice to know these little critters will grow up and be free and wild.

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I notice that their baby coats are the dark kind. Did they keep the darker coloration as they aged? The most beautiful possum I have ever seen had a almost black under fur with silver tips to the outer longer hairs. The dark variation is seldom seen in this area any more.

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marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)

Yes, they are a dark grey, but some are more silvery. I have several black possums right now. They are very pretty. I will take some pics of them tomorrow.

Some years I only get a few black possums. Last year I got quite a few that were black.

I still have all of these...there are 4 black ones in this group.

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