Can you ID this snake?

bobby_c(z7 DC)May 20, 2013

On the path to my garden I found this snake that looked pretty lethargic, for a while I thought he was dead. After a prod it moved a bit and I noticed it was in the process of digesting a big meal. For those not squeamish, check out the picture, you can see the bird feet still protruding from its mouth. After about 15 minutes everything was in the snake, then it moved slowly back to a more secluded area.

Any idea what type of snake this is?

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Black Rat Snake?

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Black Rat Snake with most of its juvenile pattern still present.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

I third rat snake.

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bobby_c(z7 DC)

Thanks all, fun picture to freak out some around here...

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