These weeds have shot up across my lawn in the last 3 weeks -help

catchawavekevJune 22, 2009

So over about the last month, these weeds have popped up across my lawn

I looked at many other posts, and I think the one weed which is very pestering is thistle. I spent a combined 6 hours over the weekend pulling these suckers out of the ground, but their taproots are deep and strong

Does anyone have any recommendations for what to do with these guys. A few of the areas I am laying pavers, so it will be okay, but the ones in my lawn are upsetting me. I am even considering laying sod in the backyard just to avoid these weeds.





thanks again!

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Plantains are the first, clover the second.
I would weed out the plantains. Clover has benefits for honeybees, and it is nitrogen fixing.

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thank you very much.....pulling these guys up is such a hard job, its amazing how long it will take

the #4 weed seems to have these little worms underneath them, very tiny, maybe 2x as long as an ant, but they are clear in color

would you happen to know what that would be/mean

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the last picture might be another plantain, Plantago lanceolata. I don't know about the worms... sorry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plantago lanceolata

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