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birdsrwonderfulMay 21, 2008

Has anyone had any experience with a plant called Mahonia Beale? I think the spelling is correct. I also think it is called Leatherleaf?

Our Electric company keeps coming around cutting everything down that gets close to the power lines. I know it's probably a good thing power wise.

They have left a big space along the chain link fence and I want to plant something that will provide habitat and food for the birds. But it cannot get too tall. I remember seeing one of these plants at Home Depot and looked it up and the info said it is evergreen for habitat and has berries birds love.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


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I dug up some mahonia from work and planted it at home a couple of months ago. It's a plant that prefers dampish shade, and isn't doing too well here in the piedmont area of NC where rain is hard to come by. But I'm keeping it watered well, so hopefully it will be ok until getting established. The plants at work are huge and drop lots of the blue seeds all around themselves, so they spread like crazy. I've also seen robins on hopping all over the shrubs pulling off the seeds. But mahonias definitely don't like too sunny of a spot.

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