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turaloora(z10Cal.)May 6, 2007

Help!! My squirrels are trying to eat seed from my supposidly squirrel proof bird feeder and they are succeeding. I was thinking of just getting a squirrel feeder so they leave the bird feeders alone. What do you all think of this idea? thanks

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I keep reading that if you feed the squirrels they stop needing the bird feed, but there are so many hungry squirrels out there. I have found that the red-pepper-laced suet works - at least for the moment! But red pepper added to the peanuts in the tray feeder seems to have no effect whatsoever.

Droll Yankee advertises a truly sqirrel proof feeder that flings the little guys off when they get on it. You might take out a second mortage and try that. [It's the 'squirrel flipper' or something like that.] None of my squirrel proof feeders are truly able to keep out the younger thinner squirrels.

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I feed the birds and squirrels all in the same feeders and the birds are not bothered much. when I used to feed them in separate feeders, the birds would leave when a squirrel arrived. I do however have 5 small feeders, some on ground and some hanging to accomodate everyone's needs. now I have a harmonious habitat.


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terrene(5b MA)

I have 2 feeders that I don't want the squirrels in - a Suet Log with a home-made suet mixture and a tray type feeder with BOSS and suet crumbles.

Both of these feeders are pole-mounted, six feet up off the ground, 6-10 feet away from any branches, trees, etc. that a squirrel can jump from, with a squirrel/raccoon baffle (there are also raccoons where I live).

The squirrels can't get to these feeders - but I do throw dried corn, sunflower seed, and peanuts on the ground for the ground feeding birds, and the squirrels get their share!

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Welcome to wild birdfeeding! :)

Even though feeders are marketed as "Squirrel Proof", even Duncraft acknowledges that there is not a TRUE "Squirrel Proof" feeder out there. The best thing you can probably do, is use a baffle.. I know they aren't pretty, but they do do the job, and very well I might add. However, if your feeding station is within jumping distance from say tree, i.e. about 4 feet in every direction, no baffle in the world will save your seed. Also, those supposed small bird feeders, the ones with the cage around them.. no dice either.. the squirrels will simply just shake it all out. I have just basically GIVEN one of my feeders to the squirrels.

You'll see in the pic the green one hanging from the tree. squirrel proof my butt..even when I had it pole mounted. So I hung it there and it makes the squirrels feel like they are being stealthy and stealing seed when in fact they are doing exactly what I wanted them to do. The birds also use it, so it's win win.

The feeder set up you see in the foreground works like a CHARM. No brances or shrubs the squirrels can use to jump on it, and yes they are SO stealthy in my yard I had to DOUBLE the baffle..grr.. but works well now! Just keep in mind when you have a feeder station like this with them so close together you need to very diligent on hull clean-up and basic sanitation. If you aren't careful disease can spread QUICK in close quarters. I clean that area at least once a week with a rake to get as many of the hulls as I can and also clean my feeders as well. I find the solution of Oxyclean works well, it's non toxic and leaves no residue. I also use that to clean my baths and my hummingbird feeders.


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We gave up on trying to exclude the squirrels when they figured out how to get past the baffle. Now we put out a tray feeder just for them. It does seem to keep them off the bird feeders. We've had as many as a dozen squirrels in the yard at one time (in autumn when they are fattening up) and never had a problem. The bonus is the tray feeder also attracts birds that can't/won't perch or cling to feed.

Birds and squirrels intermingle pretty freely, and it's fun to watch the furry little guys play and eat.

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I am working on a solution for myself on the same issue. Although mine involves a rabbit that has eaten my primrose and rose moss as well.

Early tomorrow morning after I mow the grass, I am building a birdhouse to attract the local bluejay so he will have a permanant home. Once that is done and posted six to eight feet high, I will build an interesting bird bath for him and his future spouse.

You see, bluejays are territorial. If he feels that not only his home is threatened, but his food as well, he will keep that squirrel gone. Bluejays like suet and solid black sunflower seed, which is what I put out for him. The squirrel is in for a surprise after all this.

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