Interesting weather today...

ogrose_txMay 30, 2012

Golly, the day started out cloudy and somewhat cool; I moved all my "gardening" stuff and patio chair pads out, started to weed which didn't last very long, thunder storms came through, we've had sun, rain and hail all during the day, so I actually cleaned house for a change. But that's great, we'll take all we can get!

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I think you got more than we did up here. Several of those that hit you missed me up here--but I watched them blow by.

We did get waves of it off and on.. more in the way now.
It was just the perfect amount at a time. It all soaked in quickly, there was never any standing water at all.

I got a ton of ironing done and had dinner done early. :)

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It's amazing what we get done when we can't be out in the garden, isn't it, lol! Yikes, it better not rain TOO much more, wouldn't know how to handle being caught up in the house...

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I had water standing in several places, Gail.....must have gotten more than you, but no hail, thank goodness. And you two are better at this than I............when I cannot work outside, I sulk and get very little done inside.

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phasv2(Zone 7)

It was rather nice outside here, didn't actually have any rain, although we have had a nice amount the past two nights. Gotta love Texas weather!

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We had "waves" of rain in Oak Cliff yesterday morning and another hard rain early this morning. Some good thunder and lightning, but no hail. My little gauge says we've had 2 inches altogether this week. Much appreciated!

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raining like the dickens outside right now on the Island! Yeah! Started off hot and muggy and now it's cool, raining and thunder
Tally HO!

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PKponder TX(7b)

our power was out for 6 hours last night, lots of rain though and for that I'm thankful :-)

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