Trying to Attract Finches,any Tricks I Missed?

wldcrowMay 21, 2009


This is my first time with bird feeders. I have done some reading and I think I have done all the right things. We are hoping to attract finches.

I have put in a small fountain for a water source(bird safe), I have hung two feeders, one with a multi seed finch food and one just nyjer thistle, they are about 8 feet from each other and about 6 feet high. I have lots of thick and tall trees and bushes near. The feeders are in plain sight.

I do have two dogs, but they are old, lazy and quiet. Also they are fenced away from the feeder area by about 25 ft.

Does it just take awhile for them to spot us? It's been only a week since I put all this together. Am I just too anxious? We are in southern California(if that matters).

I would love some feedback, THANKS!

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yjtj(5/6 NY)

nothing works like finch socks with thisle.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

What are you growing... finches really like columbine and cupplants.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

As well as echinacea and hyssop.

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Dandelion seeds. Not what you probably want to plant but real fun watching goldfinches attact the seed heads from the air. When one piece of fluff gets away they do all kinds of acrobatics to catch the seed.

Plant some zinna's and other of the plant foods recomended for your area.

In my area the finches are on their nests and are less likely to visit feeders. When fledged they will sometimes come to the feeders. Watch for sparrow like birds on the ground near the feeders. The baby birds will put their wings out and shake them to get parents attention.

Baby finches do not have the same coloration that mature birds do.

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dirtboy58(Zone 7 MD)

thistle in a tube feeder has worked for me every year. Hopefully you have trees nearby since they go back and forth between the two.

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