WEED#2: Help identify this weed and solution to get rid of them

MizztryJune 21, 2012

Hi there,

My backyard has recently been covered with this second type of weeds. After researching on the internet I think they are:

Clover (Trifolium repens)

Could someone please confirm these? And what is the best solution to get rid of these? I live in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks very much!!

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Your options in Ontario are much more limited then many in the United States have since many of the plant poisons readily available here have been banned for homeowner use there. Many of us do not consider any of the clovers to be "weeds" and do nothing to control them since they do help place nutrients in the soil and the flowers help feed the pollinators.
The most common plant poison, 2,4, D with Dicanbra, has been banned in Ontario.

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That's clover and it's actually good for your lawn. providing much needed nitrogen back into the soil.

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