cactus bug/chelinidea

nana9May 8, 2007

ok. posted on cacti side but no responce ag guy said i could sell the bugs cause everyone wants to get rid of cactus and he couldn't fiqure out why i was trying to save mine,lolol. saw these creatures on one of my tractor tires with the cactus in it last year and thought nothing of it. now they are all DEAD.if you look this bug up on the net you can get a good pic of it. i have some but don't know how to post here. just wondering if ya'll know how to get rid of em and save my cactus!!!!!!


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PKponder TX(7b)

I'd say that since it's a sucking insect, your best bet would be a systemic. I can't say what effect that type of pesticide would have on the cactus or the birds that eat the chelinidea, if indeed it has predators. They apparently exude a defensive scent fluid that probably keeps predators away.


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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

I can't find anything on this! PJ

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junglejenny(8 TX)

I am very familiar with these bugs--spent hours doing research, posting inquiries last year, and couldn't get anyone to tell me how to get rid of them. Best I came up with was to try rubbing a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water on the pads, which helped a little, but not much. This year, I discovered that since they're not soft-bodied, no kind of spray or oil or soap will put a dent in them: they're hard bodied suckers. At this point, I've been told to try to hand pick them off and interrupt the breeding cycle. That's a hard thing to do, since these guys are fast! The minute you approach with your hand, they rush around to the other side of the pad. This year, my new approach is to start early. I've found tiny colonies of babies on a couple pads, and I either just rip the pad off and stomp on it, or put on gardening gloves and smush the tiny herd (very easy to do--they don't seem as fast when they're little). I'm hoping that if I keep an eagle eye, survey my cacti every couple days, and kill the babies immediately, I'll prevent a major infestation. I HATE these bugs. I've heard they won't actually kill a cactus, but they sure damage the look of the pads by leaving round, light patches of sucked-up cactus.


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gpepper(zone 8 TX)

I've been doing battle with these bugs all summer and I think I am winning. I spray a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water on them and even though they are hard shelled this does kill them, but you have to be relentless. When you first spray, they will jump off. Keep spraying them on the ground until they stop moving. I used to have a new crop of about 20 on each pad, now I'm down to about 4 a day. I usually spray daily but sometimes I skip a few days. There are actually days when I look and there are none. so, I definitely have interrupted their breeding cycle somewhat. Good luck!

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Are they eating your prickly pears? I have some sort of barrel-shaped opuntia that has really shot up this year, but I did notice the ones with the paddles were a little chewed up. I was redoing that bed anyway, so I just pulled them. I wondered what was eating them.

By the way, if anyone wants some of this barrel-shaped one I have, it's a really neat plant. I have never been able to figure out an exact name, but it makes a nice silhouette against a brick wall once it gets big. We snatched a little piece off the side of the road out near Archer City years ago.

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