Yikes! Water Moccasin/Cottonmouth

zeldapug(z10 FL/Broward)May 6, 2005

I saw a water moccasin in my yard today, along the embankment leading down to the lake/canal in my backyard. I'm pretty sure it was a cottonmouth because it didn't retreat like most of the water snakes do. It was coiled up, sunning itself on the bank, and held its mouth open towards me when it saw me. It held its ground and didn't move. The water snakes usually make a beeline for the water. I don't mind having snakes in my yard. I have utilized many native plants and tried to create a haven for wildlife, but don't want venomous snakes around. I have two small dogs and I usually garden in shorts and barefeet. I don't want to risk a bite by a venomous snake. I don't want to harm the snake, just have him relocated to an area away from people and pets.

Critter Control charges $189/service call and an additional $79/snake (during regular business hours). After hours they charge an additional $100. I understand the risks involved, but I felt like the charges were awfully high. Any suggestions?

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"I felt like the charges were awfully high" Really? I wouldn't play tag with a toxic snake for 270$.

Here is a link that might be useful: snake away test results

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not a good mix with dogs as they (dogs) tend to look for trouble, your probably safe as long as you dont step on it.first i would try to get a positive I.D. on it.I saw one at Busch wildlife santuary in west palm,it had a very thick body and a large triangular head.try a google search.what if critter control comes out and the snake is no where to be found.you may never see it again or maybe everyday,who knows.
worst case scenario i work with a guy who would probably take to another location for $50.also have a look at the banded water snake, very similar.

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contact bayou bob's brazos river rattlesnake ranch. he will let you know what to do with the water moccasin. he believes any good snake is a live snake. on the internet.

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