club_mario(z7ny/LI)June 17, 2007

I am overrun by purslane in my vegatable garden. It first appeared about 2 summers ago and I am losing the battle.

Because it is my vegetable garden I will not use herbicides. I have been using a scuttle hoe to get rid of it but I worry that I am just "planting" more purslane seeds this way. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Purslane seems to magically appear overnight forming dense mats. I'm guessing you've got a fairly large area to deal with - and I'd be tempted to simply knock it out with the scuffle hoe; a warren hoe will also do it some damage. It's shallow rooted and comes up quite easily so you might be getting the bulk of it. But natrure seems to have an endless supply. Since the spot where mine appears isn't so large, I pull it out by hand. And I dispose of the pullings rather than allowing them to sit in a pile on the dirt.

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purslane is the richest vegetable source of omega 3 fatty acids known to man, next to salmon. what's wrong with us? people pay big dollars for salmon, but use pesticide on this rare vegetable omega 3 source. that doesn't make good sense. it needs to be planted in contained areas and eaten.

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Removal of every wee bit of Purslane is necessary because this plant will root from any wee bit of plant that contacts the soil. Purslane is spread far and wide by birds so even if today you clean up every bit those birds can well plant more tomorrow. A well mulched garden can aid in keeping this plant from growing where you don't want it, but it is a good food of we would only learn to eat it.

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