natural way to get rid of dollar weed

pinkclogs(9 Central Fl)June 7, 2005

We have lots of dollar weed. I've heard it's caused by overwatering, my husband's issue.

Anyway, we didn't water all winter to help control. Then st. augustine lawn turned brown and dollar weed grew more, wider, and greener!

We now have dollar weed mixed with grass over most of our lawn. Then there is a large section that appears to be almost nothing but dollar weed.

What is the natural solution? My husband has already applied scott's weed & feed (which I didn't want). Now I've asked him not to apply any more weed killer. What safe, organic, or natural method will help??? Do we have to re-sod the large patch that is nothing but dollar weed? I've tried pulling this stuff up and it's too big of a job for me.

Thanks for any replies.

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stevied(8b/9a FL)

The only natural solution I know of is to dig it up by hand. Overwatering definitely promotes dollarweed growth, and less watering will help, but.... we live in Florida and plenty of water falls from the sky. So, I suspect you will have to rely on chemicals to control your Dollarweed, combined with careful watering practices to assure you do not overwater.

Atrizine is the herbicide of choice for taking out dollarweed in St. Augustine. However, the EPA has recently banned it for use by homeowners. If you're lucky, you might still find a bottle or two at your local gardening supply store. If you aren't lucky, you can hire a licensed landscape/lawn maintenance company to apply it for you. However, they will likely be limited to applying atrizine to your yard to no more than two times per year.

Atrizine is still available to homeowners as weed and feed fertilizer. So, in combintation with a commercial application of atrizine, you may want to use weed and feed fertilizer.

You could try a product called Image. It's available for purchase by homeowners, can be used on St. Augustine turf, and is (supposedly) effective against Dollarweed. Image takes a long time to kill, however. Image is probably less toxic to the environment than atrizine, which is why, I suspect, homeowners can still buy it. I like to use Image and atrizine in combination. It's my own special cocktail.

Try using the chemicals and see what happens. Perhaps the St. Augustine will come back by the end of summer. If not, you will likely have to re-sod.

Yes, I understand you want a natural solution that saves the St. Augustine while killing the dollarweed. I just don't think such a solution exists.

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pinkclogs(9 Central Fl)

Hi Stevie! I just replied to your reply to my post in landscaping design. Thanks twice!

Anyway, we bought some image, but then I read you can't plant annuals after spraying image. That got me concerned about planting ANY flowering shrubs (including perennials) on my self-created theory that what kills annuals might make newly planted perennials and shrubs at least a bit sick. Plus I don't want to not be able to plant annuals in my front yard.

Any experience with planting other flowers (annuals, perennials and/or shrubs) after applying image? Can image be applied in a controlled fashion, so that we can avoid future planned beds?

Thanks again for your reply! I don't think I can dig up dollar weed by hand! Tried that last year for a couple of days and I think it grew faster in the spots where I dug!!

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stevied(8b/9a FL)

I find it impossible to hand pull dollarweed out of established turf. In my heavily muched planting beds, I still get dollarweed, but the mulch prevents the plant, roots, etc. from contacting the soil. Therefore it is pretty easy to hand pull from the beds.

I believe the label on the Image container lists plants which are tolerant of Image. As I recall, there is a wide variety of perennials and shrubs which are safe/unaffected by Image. If not listed on the label, check out the manufacturer's website for the list.

I think it would be safe to plant annuals 3 or 4 weeks after applying Image. Don't sue me if yours die, but I at least wouldn't hesitate to do so.

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ICutUp(Fl 9)

Hello. I tried putting baking soda on wet dollar weed (it has to be wet) and it did kill most of it.The grass did not look like it was affected, but will this harm the soil? I only did it in a small sample area, but we have a lot of dollar weed in our yard.

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Hey Icutup.

How did it go with the baking soda? I am having a problem with dollar weed. I have 2 small dogs and I dont' want to use anything toxic or dangerous for my pets.


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Hi, I was wondering how deep in the soil does the dollar weed grow. I have a new garden area and this area has been covered last 10 years with a heavy cloth fabric.
I just took this cover off and have roto tilled and added soil amendments.
but there are dollar weed areas quite close, I would like to prevent these weeds from infiltrating new garden area.
I wanted to put a barrier material down about 12" to prevent the root system from spreading into new garden.
my last garden in a different area did get infested with dollar weed, I sprayed with atrizine for a few years, and all I accomplished was my vegetables did not do well at all. I think the chemicals inhibited the growth of any plants once they grew down in the soil a few inches
any suggestions from my fellow gardeners
archie from NC

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I tried Image twice and the dollarweed is still laughing

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1 pound of granual surgar per 300 square feet will do in dollar weed. Water in after application. apply two to three times a year for prevention.

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This information from Clemson University seems to be very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dollar weed

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Can the dollarweed kill the grass or harm anything in our garden?

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If the conditions are to the liking of the Dollarweed and nothing is done to control it this plant could take over your lawn.

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My Sister in Florida just gave me a formula for getting rid of dollar weed. As follows

1 can beer (any kind)
1 can coke
1-1/2 cups dish detergent
1-1/2 cups amonia

She said she sprayed it last week and the dollar weed is turning brown now. Good luck, hope it works for you.
Forgot to say, use spray that you connect water hose to.

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Hi. I have been looking for the Dollarweed for a long time. Can I have some of your weed please.
Thank you

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HCMM, that looks like a Jerry Baker lawn fertilizer formula, that does not really work.

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Yolis, I brought dollarweed home from the park because it was so beautiful, but after a year it began covering even my azalea bush. It took me 3 years to dig it all out, and I think I got it all, but I had to get every single little root. But I know how you feel because I love it.

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kimmsr, Just checked with my Sister in Florida, she says she does not have a hint of dollar weed left. What can I say?


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