Baby Rabbit in Front Yard (Help!)

irishguy24(LI 7)May 24, 2009

I live in your typical Long Island suburb with no dense woods around for a couple of miles. On our front walkway there is a small baby rabbit, just sitting beneath one of our planter boxes. It isn't a newborn and from what I read it must have just left the nest (its ears are pink, not black and it is about the size of my fist). Strange thing is I have never seen a rabbit around our home in the 20 years I have been here. Now I have been reading these forums for enough time and am smart enough to know to just leave the rabbit alone. But if it is still there after a certain amount of time, do I try to relocate it to a better location? Is the mother still around here? It looks healthy and is sitting completely motionless. What should I do? Thanks for the help!

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irishguy24(LI 7)

UPDATE: I see what I presume is the mother on my neighbor's lawn across the street and the baby has now moved to under the car in my driveway. I realize it can probably fend quite well for itself and will obviously leave it alone. I just hope a cat won't stumble upon it tonight.

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cjc45(9 Mount Dora FL)

Glad the momma turned up. Sitting still for a very long time is typical of rabbits. We used to camp at Big Bend National Park and in the evening the cottontails would line up across the road and stare at us. It was a little eery. We lived in an Ohio suburb and the bunnies did the same thing. The exception was our neighbor's pet rabbit who used to escape and come over to eat the clover in our lawn.

If you want to help keep them safe, build a little brush pile in the back yard, thorny shrub cuttings are great, remember Br'er Rabbit?

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irishguy24(LI 7)

Last I looked, the baby had made it across the street safely (yay!) and was on the lawn with momma. All's well that ends well!

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They are cute. I try to build small brush piles using old berry and rose canes with long grape vines. The rabbits will make a tunnels through the grape vines. The piles are spingy and loose enough that hawks and other things have problems with the coils of the grape vines and after a few tries will leave things alone unless real hungry then they will wait until emerges.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Cats decimate local infant wildlife. To prevent this, since you know there are babies outside, keep the cat indoors.

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irishguy24(LI 7)

Elly, I have a very happy and healthy INDOOR cat who has never stepped foot outside. I was saying I hope A cat doesn't get to it, not my cat.

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Get a rabbit trap they are harmless to the little guy. Then you get him somewhere safe.

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