friend is ripping out shrubs b/c he hates the birds--help

dkgarberMay 11, 2009

I know somene who just bought a house and he wants to rip out a huge viburnum and rhodie b/c the "bees and birds are all over in/in it". Being a lover of both birds and bees, I ca't see why anyone could be so bothered by birds nesting and a few bees pollinating the flowers, but thats another story. I plant things to ATTRACT both.

Anywho, I have begged him to take a breath, and wait till I can get there and try to properly dig them up (realizing that this MIGHT be easier said than done, as they are pretty large).

My question is...if I find birds nests in there, what do I do??? Is this a time of year where taking their nests away will really hurt them??? I have no choice, cuz if I don't take the shrubs he's gonna spray them w/herbicide and just rip em out.

My heart is breaking over how hateful some people are to nature!!! I know nothing of nesting times of birds so I am concerned. I see the birds in my backyard using my houses still so I am very very worried.

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Sometimes you have to accept the bad that goes along with the good. You can attempt to remove the nest if you find one and hope you can place it so the birds will find it and your friend will not spray. If you find and don't attempt you will hurt mentally for a long time because if you leave the bushes the nest will be sprayed and the babies killed anyway.

Attempt to move or find a nursery that is willing to dig the plants up for the plants. I was just watching a show that moved a big roadie. They stated to dig a trench about 5 ft away from the trunk through the roots. Then use a trenching or they called it a transplanting shovel pointed inward toward the trunk to sever any roots that are attached to the under soil. They just moved to a different location on the property but you would need to wrap the roots in a couple of old bedsheets.

I do hope this was not a special friend. If he is perhaps it is time that he WAS a special friend.

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loris(Z6 NJ)

I don't know if it'll help, but you could let your friend know that if the nest belongs to a native bird, it's illegal to disturb their nest without a permit.

Here is a link that might be useful: page about Migratory Bird Treaty Act

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