attrecting oriole

sarahb1982May 31, 2006

how can i attrect orioles and can you get theam in NC

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Cut a navel orange in half and stick it onto a tray feeder. This is the time of year when they are in New England. I can't tell you for sure if you can get them down there though.

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cypsavant(z5/6 Ontario)

I've always been unsuccessful in getting my orioles to eat oranges...I've sacrificed a lot of nice navels in the process. I've seen it done with great results elsewhere. However, this year I added a small bowl of grape jelly to the stump I usually stick the oranges on...and the orioles immediately began gobbling it up.
They also like sugar water, either from a specific oriole feeder or a modified hummingbird feeder.

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terryr(z5a IL)

You don't need a modified hummingbird feeder. I had them once...sigh....and they ate just fine out of my hummer feeder. In fact, I ran out and bought an oriole feeder and they ignored it!

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catherinet(5 IN)

They also really like tulip trees, if you're ever thinking of planting trees.

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I have orioles nesting in my yard every year, but I can't get them to come to the feeders if my life depended on it! They ignore the oranges and the hummingbird feeder, although my mother in law has them emptying her hummingbird feeders all the time. I think I'll try the grape jelly tomorrow. Won't that attract ants though?

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cypsavant(z5/6 Ontario)

gardeningfireman, yes the jelly will attract ants, and probably a few wasps, too. That said, I had a kingbird snagging wasps yesterday at one of my bowls. I've also got a pair of catbirds dining on the jelly, and at least one of my many robins is fond of it. The orioles are still completely ignoring any oranges I offer...but they do love that grape jelly.

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Our hummingbirds go to the the oriole feeder, and actually prefer it over their own, because they can lie on the perches, completely still, and sip the nectar.


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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

I first had orioles show up at my feeders when I planted some wallflowers - orange flower, blooms in spring. Ever since then, they've been regular spring/early summer visitors. they love the grape jelly, oranges and nectar. the oranges seem to last on the list though.


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