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butterflymommy(Z9 N.E. FL)May 14, 2012

Q: Should I remove unhatched eggs from the Carolina Wren nest that was constructed in the drawer in my potting sink? Babies have fledged, mom & dad haven't been seen in several weeks, but today, they came back, seemingly to have a peek... I thought that "used" nests invited some species, apparently because the nest was adequate for previous use, but I think I am confusing that with birdhouses; the cowbird mama sure didn't mind... Anyway, since the rightful owners have reappeared, I do not know if I should remove the previous clutch or not. Will they use the nest again? (What if there are unhatched eggs remaining?)I have photos I can share...

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

I don't have them here so I cant tell you if they will nest again. I would remove the old eggs. You will have lots of answers if you take this question over to the Bird Watching forum.

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