Weeds between brick

appledecoJune 3, 2008

My townhouse's yard consists of laid brick with built up brick beds around the perimeter. The townhouse is at least 20 years old, I moved in 8 months ago. It appears as though there used to be some sort of concrete grout between the bricks, although most of that has worn away and replaced by dirt and weeds.

I have been spraying Round Up, but that only kills the existing weeds which are then replaced by new weeds in a couple weeks. I'd hate to use any sort of total vegetation killer due to my fear of tracking it in the house and hurting my pets.

I had the idea to use concrete caulk to reseal the gaps between the brick (at least 1/4" wide). Could something like this work? Does anyone have any other suggestions short of removing and relaying the bricks?

Thank you for any responses!

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I would suggest planting something more desirable to choke out the weeds. Possibly a creeping sedum or mother of thyme if your yard is hot and dry, or some sort of moss if it's shady and wet.

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After 20 years it is probably time to re-grout the bricks.

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For getting rid of the existing weeds, a friend of mine uses a blow-torch weeder (I don't know the name of it -- it uses a propane bottle and has a long rod attached that you aim at the weeds). Works very well and non-toxic. Then you could put down polymeric sand (http://www.groundtradesxchange.com/pavers/polymeric_sand.htm) to help keep the weeds from growing back.

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I think the torch tool is called Weed Dragon.

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The bond between the mortar and brick is broken for some reason and until that is repaired you will continue to have plants growing in that space. There are tubes of latex mortar that could be used to fill in the spaces that do exist, but the best wat to solve this is to pull up and relay the brick, properly.

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