My Friendly Neighbourhood Toad

slr8May 20, 2010

I have seen, for three consecutive years, a toad in the same, exact spot in my garden. I am wondering if it is possible that this toad is the same one? Or is this just a coincidence. I also wonder why this toad feels that this garden is a good hang out spot. The only thing I can think of is that because I don't really like this garden (yet) and don't play around in there much, I don't tend to disturb him. I am worried that when my husband extends the garden for me this month, the toad will be upset, even though it will provide much better cover and protection for him. The garden he is living in is a foot wide and is against the house. I will be extending it quite a bit. I wonder if he is actually living around the corner of the house because we have things stacked there all the time (lumber from the fence, containers with weeds, etc.). Everything is on the way out, and is always temporary but something is always stacked there until garbage day. Perhaps there is something in the spot that isn't ever moved. Anyway, just call me Curious.

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The spot is probably both damp and has many bugs for the toad to enjoy.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)


No joke, we are on a wildlife refuge and the frogs are EVERYWHERE...toads, bull frogs, tree greenhouse hops when I walk in...but welcome those little guys. They are the first to die off from toxins and/or chemicals, so if they are there, know it is a healthy and safe place to be. If there are no worried.

I welcome my frogs...even though we have so many I could probably line them up in a mile line back and forth across my front yard. But knowing that they are an indicator species, I welcome every aspect of them and really enjoy their sound in the spring.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Frogs and toads can live up to 40 years, so it probably is the same toad you are seeing. When they find a spot that the like, the will come back to it each year.

Here is a link that might be useful: here's a link for scientific info...

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Thanks everyone. 40 years! Wow, I would never have thought. I have recently seen another one much smaller and it has been living in a couple of pots that have hosta in them ready to be planted. He keeps jumping into the box and then into the pot, and digs down into the soil. My three old son thinks he is just terrific. But recently we made him a little toad hut too, which he has not decided will be his home, but I had to have him move from the hosta pots as this will not be a good winter home for him. And I had to plant these hosta. So when he got out I hurried and planted the hostas and replaced the same pots with some other hosta from my garden and am willing to let him stay there a little longer. But unfortunately, he doesn't like the spot anymore. LOL. So he has moved into the garden where he belongs and will be safer. So I have two. I wonder how many there are in my yard. They are really nice, and as Dirtdiggin said, welcome, welcome, welcome!

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I have toads in my shoes! No seriously. I have a pair of old shoes that have been sitting out, one on my deck, one fallen off into the garden around it. They each have a toad in them. They get in there during the day and I guess come out at night. It is a shaded area, with lots of ivy and fern. It is also probably fairly moist. They were my yard shoes, but now they are toad motels. I am leaving them alone. They are too CUTE!

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terrene(5b MA)

Garden mama, that is very cute. I love having toads in the yard. I got a toad surprise recently when spreading some wood chips. I filled the wheel barrow with the first load of chips, starting rolling away, and a toad hopped out of the top of the load and onto the grass! I was a bit startled but happy that the toad was okay through what was no doubt a traumatic relocation.

Lots of critters seem to love living in the pile of wood chips. I've uncovered salamanders, moles, worms, carpenter ants (yuck), and this year the big fat toad.

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