Gray dogwood suckers ???

christie_sw_mo(Z6)May 14, 2005

Trying to decide whether to remove gray dogwood suckers that are more than a foot away from the rest of the shrub. Or maybe they are seedlings. Not sure. Anyway - If I disturb the roots of the mama shrubs will it make them send up even more suckers? Do they quit sending up suckers after they get older? I do like them but I'm a little afraid they are going to get bigger than I want them to. And - I may have a couple gray dogwood suckers to send to someone trying to start a shrub row for wildlife if anyone is interested. Unless I have trouble digging them up. : )

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Grey dogwood never gets tired of sending up suckers, the suckers eventually get as big as the plant. So unless you want a gazillion plants in one spot, you have to remove them.

What you do it dig down about 6 inches or so, a few inches away from the sucker. You'll find a very strong horizontal root running in a straight line--the main plant sends up new suckers along that line. It's easy to see, because the suckers are often lined up in a row. If you want to slow the plant down, dig up that whole horizontal root.

Each sucker will be easier to establish if it has a part of that root along with its own root system. The sucker's own root system will be rather small. Plant as for any bare-root tree or shrub--dig a hole or slit just big enough for the roots, don't amend the soil, firm the soil very well around the roots, water well, and keep the area well watered for the entire first growing season.

If you're going to dig and replant these, do it before the weather gets too hot.

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Thank you Elaine. How long have you had your gray dogwoods? Do they seem to get worse over time or do the suckers slow down as the mama shrub matures? They're pretty fast growing. I just don't want them to choke out the other stuff that I've planted along my shrub row.

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They never stop. I'm not complaining. Any plants I can't use I donate to the local arboretum.

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