putting weed cover over very large weeds??

lizflowersJune 23, 2008

I have a half acre. Half is grass and the other half is going to be flower beds. I have tried to spray as much as I can but the weeds are taking over. I want to lay weed barrier down, but some of the weeds are pretty high. I have sprayed them, but is it okay to lay down the weed barrier or do I need to completely clear the area? Also do I need to lay down mulch or can that wait until next year? I won't be planting anything until next year since its too hot.

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Cut the weeds flush to ground level before smothering with newspaper, cardboard, or whatever. You will probably need to cut again in fall where the inevitable weed pokes through your barrier and put down more smothering material then as well.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Mow 'em down with the lawn mower set on a low setting, you can leave the mowed clippings in place and cover with thick layer of newspaper, cardboard, etc.

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