Pleas eHelp me Identify this Weed...and How to Kill It!

Tonything5June 28, 2013

This does not start growing until the summer months (in NE Ohio). It is lighter than my grass, but it grows at about twice the rate. Any help is appreciated.

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A closer view....

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Looks very much like nutgrass, aka nutsedge.

Here is a link that might be useful: nutgrass

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How often do you water your lawn? For those that doubt what I often tell anyone plagued by Yellow or Purple Nutsedge this, from Jean001as link, "Nutsedges are common weeds in landscapes and gardens in the coastal valleys, Central Valley, and southern areas of California. They thrive in waterlogged soil, and their presence often indicates drainage is poor, irrigation is too frequent, or sprinklers are leaky. Once established, however, they will tolerate normal irrigation conditions or drought." may provide some insight.
Where I see these sedges growing mostly is in lawns that are watered daily. I seldom see any growing in lawns that are properly, ie. infrequently and deeply, watered.

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