Weed Identification and Control

cj12101June 26, 2008


I am having a huge problem with a certain weed spreading in my lawn. This weed will grow eight to ten inches tall in places if left without cutting. It has an unusual cross shape with three sprouts coming out of a central seed ball. Does anyone know what type of weed it is, and what herbicide I could use to exterminate it?

For size reference, the grass in the photos is St. Augustine.

Thanks for you help!






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Except for the color that looks like Yellow Nutsedge.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's Green Kyllinga, a perennial weed most common in moist soils.

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Sorry for my delayed reply. Thank you for your responses.
The guy at my local nursery told me with confidence this is a species of sandbur. He mentioned sedge has a triangular stem, while this one is only folded. Do you think it's sandbur?

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Uh oh, I just looked up the Green Kyllinga. I think this is exactly what I have. The yellow and purple nutsedge didn't really look similar in the photos I found online, but this green kyllinga looks exactly like what I have. And, it doesn't sound like I can easily control it. What would you guys recommend? I was feeling optimistic after being told it was just an annual grass (sandbur), but now I've got problems again....
Any herbicides I can use?

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