Help!! I have Fishwort I can't get rid of

deborah1175(Athens Georgia)June 12, 2007

Two years ago a very sweet older gentleman gave me some Sugar Candy lilies. When the lilies started coming up I discovered I had been lucky enough to get an extra freebie. About 6 months ago the whole bed was covered in what folks here told me was Fishwort.

I practically dug up the whole bed and pulled out a 5-gallon bucket of this nasty smelling stuff. Since the root system runs so deep and there are many other plants in the bed (clematis, lilies, hybiscus, etc), I still have some of the stuff coming back. Any ideas on how to get completely rid of it without losing the other plants? I found one root about 6-8 inches down right through the middle of the clematis root system.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I wasn't sure what "fishwort" was but I found the latin name, Yikes, "houttuynia cordata" or chameleon plant is very, very difficult to eradicate. It's considered highly invasive and it's rhizomes will regrow if you toss them aside. Do a gardenweb search on "Houttuynia" or "chameleon plant." (Get a glass of wine 1st...and a box of tissue:)

I once planted bishop's weed, not knowing what it was. I thought I'd never get rid of it! And I don't think it's as bad as fishwort. Reportedly it takes several treatments of Round-Up to kill it. Even if you could spray it. The only other alternative is to dig it out. I know, I know! Either way, it's a major task.

BUT...IF you choose to use an herbicide you can wrap the plants in plastic trash bags to protect them from the spray....all the way to the bottom of the stems. I really don't know how many sprays it will take to do a complete kill. Then you might think it's dead and it might rear it's ugly head again.

Another thing, if you use Round-Up don't get the pre-mixed stuff. Go for the "super concentrate." Make sure you spray on a very hot day when there's no wind. I'd also use a "spreader sticker" to help the spray adhere to the plant leaves. Read about it here;

You can find it in most garden centers.

BTW, the Chinese name for the plant means "smelly fish."
I also found this on the web.

I wish you luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houttuynia Cordata

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