Can I interest anyone in a woodchuck? [g]

prairiemoon2 z6 MAJune 17, 2007

How would you like to provide a loving home to a cute, furry little woodchuck? We would be happy to deliver him to anyone who would provide him a loving home. He won't need feeding..or housing as he will take care of himself. He will wander around your yard twice a day for you to observe. [g]



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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Only if he has a whole family to come with and mill in the lawn to eat clover each day : )

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ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)

Could this be the same woodchuck who ate half my garden last year before moving on to a happier hunting ground?

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

No. I think you killed yours. We are speaking in fun of ours.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello elly and ks...

Yes, you've got me. I was "half" I haven't seen a family yet, just one woodchuck, and half the garden is not eaten....YET....just about 1/8th of the garden so far. I was certain no one on gardenweb would be interested in adopting our groundhog, but then I saw the forum title "Attracting Wildlife" and thought..why not? Maybe there is someone on the forum that really would enjoy watching a groundhog on their property and wouldn't actually be a gardener and wouldn't mind what he ate. :-)

No takers? [g]

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

I will! I love them! I watch them every day. I have a family of three. I live in a wildife refuge, and they eat the clover in the lawn.

So far all bulidings are standing and we have all survived : )

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Woodchucks don't like dogs. I have heard that you could tie your dog down near your garden and they will leave. You will still have a woodchuck local, but it will stop eating your garden.Of course, you don't want the dog loose down there or it will chase and kill the woodchuck.

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Got any pictures? I never really get to see them, for a clear idea.
Groundhogs and woodchucks don't get a lot of pictures, except of course when forecasting, when we get to see a furry back.

I believe in an asumption of 'local' ground hogs, who would probably have been around, in my town, and in yours, for local weather input, in the Northeast. Love the lore, don't you, even if it did come in from afar- the Celts? He got 3 out of 5 when i was a kid, now, not so much.

Back a couple of decades, he would tend to see his shadow in a cold spell of a high pressure system. On the zone 6-7 border you could usually expect 6 weeks anyway. Poor guy, these el ninos and ninas are tough, for a forecast, not to mention climate change. :)
I do believe in science.I do,I do! :)

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Get yourself a jack russell terrier.........

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kwilson(Z6 KY)

I'm glad to see someone else has a groung hog. I have a fallen oak tree in my yard that the ground hog has made his, their home under. I have to say I enjoy watching them. They have really taken care of my clover and plantain problem. The only flowers they have bothered are my shasta daisies. I have a outdoor kitten that loves to sneak up on him wanting to play. He could care less. He just found a good place to eat. So I guess they get to stay.

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I'd like some but they're not native here in north TX. :(

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I'll trade you a woodchuk for my opossum. Caveat: He's about the size of a volkswagon beetle and fearless. He's already actually BENT metal stakes holding candlelanterns!

Any takers?

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Florey, here's one of mine. :) This is the closest I can get to him (her?) - the picture was taken at the max zoom on my camera (x12). As I have nothing planted yet, the groundhog family haven't been able to do any damage, so I still have them in the cute and tolerated category.

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I see them as I drive, and they are interesting. They will stand up and wait for traffic to go away before crossing the road. For a long time I used to see one sunbathing in somebody's yard, on a hill, nearly every day. Guess my yard is safe since my husky likes to be tied out in the front yard for hours at a time, just watching.

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Thanks so much for the picture, gee, there's quite a family resemblance to his squirrel and prairie dog cousins, in that picture.
He's a handsome fellow there.

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