Attempting to post better photos of weeds...

vikireedJune 1, 2009

I'm sorry for not putting up the best pix. Gardenweb said my shots were too big. I resized and they said the same thing. I reduced quality and then the pix were accepted and now they're so small you can't see. I'm going to put links here to show the plants in question.

Any help ID'ing them would be appreciated. I got up to page 7 or 8 in this forum last week and the best I can come up with for the largest plant with the purple-ish stalk was milkweed. Any suggestions more than welcome.



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Need a user name and password to enter. The best way to post pictures is to open a(free)Photobucket account. Your pics are automatically resized for posting. Copy the HTML code below the pic and post it in your message. You'll be able to see the pic in the post preview. Hope this helps.

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thank you, noinwi! I'll give it a shot

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