Eastern wood-pewee here, quite late it seems!

roseunhip(z5b QC)June 14, 2005

Right in the garden, hunting around! First one I have ever seen here!

I suspect it backed-out somehow before the many forest fires raging up North in Quebec.

Chilly and rainy here this morning (a typical "pewee climate" AFAIK!), after many days of an extreme hot spell (for the season) and even smog!

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catherinet(5 IN)

I'm glad they're finally back for you. I'm in zone 5 (central Indiana), and mine were back about 6 weeks ago. Don't you just love their song?

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roseunhip(z5b QC)

That lonely whistle is one of the very first things that moved me in wild birds and "bird music", as a kid!
Other than it was a flycatcher, I certainly would not have made out its species this morning if not for that song!

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catherinet(5 IN)

It's one of my favs too! (although there are sooooo many!).
I watch the soap opera All My Children (yes, I'm ashamed), but one thing that's really nice on that show, is thatthey always have neat bird sounds, like when someone opens their door, or they're out in the woods. They have pewees, barred owls, loons, to name a few.
It's funny....the pewees come back to the same spot on our lane, every year. I wonder if they like the specific trees there? Where would be without the birds and their lovely songs?!

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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

Cathy I am shocked!!! :) wink wink

Yep, a pewee calling in the shady woods. Tells me I'm home.
Sounds mean so very much to me as well...the wood thrush, the katydids, the cricket frogs "banging their pebbles together"
We used to have more whip-poor-wills but something has happened to them. Last year we did have a chuck-wills-widow around the yard for a few days, but I guess it found our woods a bit too soggy and left for higher, drier forest.
Which reminds me...every time I am in town at night, I stop and listen to the nightjar's nasal "BEEENT!" "BEEENT!" up there in the black above the parking lot lights. I wonder how many city people even pause to wonder what is making that noise, or if they are just used to it and filter it out like they do sirens and traffic and other urban sounds. Makes me want to set up a video camera in front of a larger store and interview the people coming and going and get some of their reactions on tape. Also makes me wonder how these birds can survive city life...I try to imagine hatching chicks on top of a blisteringly hot rooftop!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Are you disgusted with me now Dirtgirl??????? (~hangs head in shame~) teehee
I notice nighthawks! Actually 2 years ago, I thought it was them that came around so early in the spring, but I could never see them. Turns out it was woodcocks. They sound alot alike, right?
One time, I had about 12 nighthawks all flying around together. I don't know why though. They're usually pretty solitary, aren't they?
I don't think most people even notice the birds. Poor them!

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roseunhip(z5b QC)

Nighthawks are so cool!! They make me love the city at night!
Many years ago, we inhabited a part of Montreal where we could see some roosting at day, lengthwise on some large elm branches. One night, we had one doing its aerial mating display right in the back of our appartment, when we were trying to get some sleep... completely ignoring what that weird sound was the heck all about (later only we learned about the bird's aerial feather-induced sound)!! Well we could have sworn one of our marginal-type, hippyish neighbours had adopted a giant BULLFROG he kept on his back porch!!

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roseunhip(z5b QC)

To CatherineT: Yes, nighthawks and woodcocks do sound alike. But the nighthawk's call has sort of a peak, then drops in intensity to die. A bit like the release of a taught (but very short) rubber band. Whereas the woodcock's call dies abruptly, with no "peak and drop"... Like an electric door buzz or something: "bzzzt!"... Hope this helps!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks roseunhip!

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You guys are so lucky to have all those birds and know their calls! Oh well I have catbirds. Sarah

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catherinet(5 IN)

Catbirds are nice too Sarah!

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Yeah I love them! Sarah

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