When do squirrels leave the nest?

lilacs_and_hyacinths(Buffalo)June 5, 2005

There is a family of squirrels living in the roof of my porch. I can't blame Mom for choosing that site, as the fascia board has partially rotted away and provided easy access and protection from the elements.

There are three young squirrels with their mother. They are still small, but come out of the nest fairly often to look about. However, they seem confined to the porch roof, I don't think they are old enough to jump.

I am firmly in the squirrel lovers club, and I am greatly charmed by these babies. It is so sweet to see Mom bring twigs of maple leaves into the nesting area. However, the time has come that I need to repair the exterior of my new (to me) old home.

When do young squirrels leave the nest? Will their mother remain, or is there a chance she will move on? I want to time this repair so that the babies and Mom Squirrel are fully able to establish new nesting places before autumn.

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FurryCritterFan(5a WI)

12 weeks? Not sure. The great thing about the GardenWeb is the helpful links members provide. Here's two more to get lost in. Have fun researching...

http://www.gottshall.com/squirrels/ - Jon's World of Squirrels


http://www.squirrel-rehab.org - Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation

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