crabapple varieties?

prairie_love(z3/4 ND)June 1, 2005

Hi all, I'm hoping for some suggestions.... (of course).

We have a fairly long driveway that I wanted to line with crabapple trees. It will take five trees. I wanted to use Red Splendor because 1) I know they do well here, 2) They hold their fruit all winter and the birds love them, and 3) I like them. We have two largish Red Splendorrs in the front yard and they are doing well.

But, the problem is that I am looking for trees about 3" diameter. I want them slightly biggish because I'm impatient, but when we've bought ones bigger than that they have too much transplant shock. The problem is that I have not been able to find the Red Splendors in that size.

So, my options are to get the 6" diameter RS (more shock - both to the tree and to my wallet), get tiny RS, or get another tree. One tree that is available in 3" is Kelsey crab. The nursery people tell me that it is similar to RS and holds its fruit, but I don't always trust what they tell me! Does anyone have experience with Kelsey?

Does anyone have any other crabs they would recommend? Nothing too exotic, I doubt if I could find it here in North Dakota. Or other smallish ornamental trees that the birds love? I am especially interested in attracting pileated woodpeckers and cedar waxwings.

Thanks for the help.


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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

OK, I actually found some Red Splendor. A bit smaller than I wanted, but they'll grow soon enough.

Now this thread can quietly move off the page :)

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