OT: maniac mower's dog bit my cat

squirrel_girlJune 27, 2006

I'm posting this one here, since you are aware of the maniac mower. I just need to let off some steam.

Yesterday, my kitty was attacked by the maniac's BIG dog. It was so scary. I thought the dog was gonna kill him and I thought my cat was gonna climb right outta my arms when I saved him.

My cat was on a lead sitting a few feet from me when it all happened. I always thought I was doing the best thing for my kitty and the critters by keeping him indoors except for supervised walks. He has not been outside off a lead since his second spring when 13 moles bit the dust in a weekend and my fluff boy took off on a neutered bachelor trip for 3 days. Now I feel guilty for preventing his escape.

Aside from the scare and gashes to both of us, the worst part is that he does not sound serious about putting in an electric fence. He says "men shouldn't be leashed," then implied it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had the cat on a leash.

He is forgetting that another cat was almost killed by something 3 weeks ago and that my cat and I were bugging no one in our own back yard when his dog attacked.

I'm worried my fluff boy will be too scared to go outside again and that if he gains his courage again, I won't be able to take him out with me anymore for fear of being attacked. Prior to yesterday, he would cry from inside the window if I was outside and it is so relaxing to have him keep me company when I weed.

Thanks for listening to my off topic whine. Thanks for the help too with the resources for wildlife conservation from my last post.

Squirrel Girl

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Did the dog enter your property? If he did, perhaps you should involve the police?

Your neighbor is wrong to let his dog roam, but it's no bad thing for your cat to remain indoors. Getting attacked by animals is one of the reasons cats should stay in.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I already assumed that law enforcement officials had been notified from the vet's office! Aren't they supposed to make a report when there is a dog attack? If not, I would CERTAINLY call the cops. You need your vet bills reimbursed and those people need to know that their aggressive dog must not be allowed off leash. If you don't make a report, they won't have the aggression on file.

In the meantime, I would think that your love of 'fluff boy' would dictate that you did not bring him outside again until the matter was resolved. No matter how relaxed it makes 'you' feel.

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Just another vote for making a police report.
If you feel silly about it, think of it this way: next time, it could be a child.

A history of aggression is needed to establish that the dog needs to be controlled. A few police reports on cats being attacked and adults harrassed could save a child. And if the dog is so territorial that it will come into your yard and attack a leashed animal (and make sure the police know the cat was leashed!) then it may be a danger to children, too. (even if you don't think so--are you willing to risk it?)

Call the cops, vet bills in hand.

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