Speaking of coons...

selkieJune 8, 2007

Cracker (formerly known as Arthur) has officially returned home. She strolled past me on the patio today after a night of partying (thought she was a cat at first!), climbed her tree, lounged and posed for a bit, then went to bed. Sorry for the blurriness of the pics; I'm still learning how to use this thing!

Here's a pic I took last night when she woke up...

And here she is going to bed...

So darned cute!

Oh, and I already consider myself "warned" about the "extreme danger" raccoons supposedly present, so certain bullies need not reply.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Yup, she sure is cute! I have had a racoon, a few opossums, and various other critters visit my deck. I enjoy watching them. I dont usually encourage them,(I did feed the oppossum some fruit during some harsh winter storms), but I figure I am out here in the woods and this is THIER home. For the most part I just let them be and we live peacefuly together.

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kwilson(Z6 KY)

How cute! I too have a racoon that comes to visit at night. It comes to get the leftover cat food and then raids the bird feeder. It went to my small water feature the other night for a drink. Good thing I haven't put any fish in yet. With a face that cute who can resist feeding them.

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Those are neat pictures. Racoons can be a menace I know but I agree, I think we can co exist with the little darlings. The only real damage they do around here is eat all the cherries from the neighbors cherry trees and then leave deposits in my yard. Truth is I prefer that over being terrorized by gophers and moles.

One word of warning though. Last month I did see the racoon I believe has been in our yard this spring. Because I have cats I stepped off the porch to run him/her out through the back gate. He ran a few feet, then stopped and charged me. I don't know why. Maybe it was a mommy and had babies close its hard to say. It startled me though as I was out there in a robe with no shoes on and suddenly feeling pretty silly. So just be careful. Thanks for the photos.


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Thanks for the warning... we have cats too and they all get along. The cats have learned to stay away from the raccoons and just observe their wanderings. The raccoons know that the cats won't bother them.

Actually, we had one really neat evening when Cracker walked calmly up to Sploch (my cat) and they sniffed at each others' noses before Cracker went along her merry way. No worries whatsoever. :)

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I'm so glad to hear that. Your resident racoon sounds very even tempered for a wild critter. Now I have to go look at your racoon baby post.


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lisa11310(z5 MI)

I wont get started on Cats and the effect they have on wildlife..........SO my INDOOR Cat will sit at the deck door, face to face with the Racoon outside. They just look at each other and niether seems to have any fear of the other ...just curiosity. I have not seen the racoon around for a while now, I am sure she is off caring for babies. I forgot to mention my Birth Mother is a coon rehabber so I have had the pleasure of assisting her in bottle feeding the little critters from time to time.

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One of the problems between cats and coons is that they both can develope the same type of distemper. If your cats eat out of the same dish as the coons be certain that your cats are current with the distemper shots.

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Your post was very timely for me about racoons and possible disease transmission. Two nights ago one of my cats came in through the cat door at the back of our house. He was followed through that door and into the kitchen by a racoon! The racoon calmly walked over to the bowl of dry cat food and began eating. How's that for bold! My husband went to investigate and the racoon eventually exited through the cat door which my husband promptly shut behind it. About three minutes later DH heard the racoon trying to access the cat door once more.

I was impressed by its tenacity but will be changing our schedule for keeping the cat door open at night. My husband dumped the food in the cat bowl and washed it thoroughly before replacing it. Thanks.


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