Bird Pond advice??

sla762(z5 WI)June 29, 2007

My husband is starting to put in our loooooonnnnngg awaited "bird pond". It will basically be a small, low waterfall emptying into a slow stream and then into a larger very shallow (2" or so) pool that is about 5'x3'and pea gravel covering the entire bottom so they can bathe and play and splash. Any advice, thoughts, etc?? We did purchase an exterior UVB filter to really work on keeping the algae out so we don't have to do any chemiclas, etc.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Sla, I would take a trip over to the ponding forum. I think I have heard people say they are sorry they used pea gravel. You will most likely get alage no matter what you do. I like the natural look the alage gives so I just pull out the excess and let it be. You will love the bird traffic your pond will bring. You will attract other things to so be prepared. Hopefuly you are putting the pond near a tree or bushes for preening and for protection from preditors (but not so close it assist preditors). Be warned Bull Frogs can and DO eat birds, I have witnessed this have a suitable frog habitat for relocating them to in mind should you get them.

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