How to protect the chipmonks in back yard?

catherinet(5 IN)June 2, 2010

I live in the woods. I have a large back yard that has fencing, protecting it from rabbits.

I have several small watergardens, bushes, flowers, trees. I also have a small warrior dog. She killed a squirrel in a few seconds last year. Now she's chasing a chipmunk. Today the chipmunk almost lost.

I'm thinking of buying some PVC pipe segments and putting them around the yard, for the chipmunks to hide from the dog in, in case they can't make it to their holes.

Any better ideas?

I've thought of using an anti-bark collar to teach her not to chase these things, but its just in her genes. I just want to put out a couple "safe houses" for the chipmunks.

They could at least hide in them until the dog was gone.

Hmmmm.....I just remembered that I have some of that black drainage tile. That would work.

Any other suggestions?

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Hmm... have the dog pee around the edge of the yard to signal to the chipmunk to stay away? Spray coyote urine at the parameters? The idea is for the chipmunk to smell a predator in your yard (your dog) and won't go in.

Keep food from your yard so not to tempt the chipmunk to venture in?


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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks Paul.
The chipmunk lives IN the yard. haha
He has a series of tunnels......under the deck, under the shed, etc. I'm thinking almost getting caught today will be a good warning, but probably not. I try to always clap my hands real loud before letting the dog out, but today, the chipmunk must not have heard, or was far from his holes.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I wouldn't try to protect a chipmunk that was tunneling under the decks and sheds and such. They can do lots of damage.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

If they did damage we'd have no houses in NJ.

Catherine, I'm not sure how to keep your dog from chasing little critters. : (

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You can't teach a dog not to chase small animals. You have to restrain the dog. I speak as a dog lover and dog owner and determined wildlife gardener.

If you put the dog on a nice long chain the critters will learn very quickly to remain outside her reach.

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debtro(z5 IL)

We have chipmunks, and two cats. Usually the chipmunks get to a hole in time, and they also hide in the gutter drainpipes. Sometimes the cats do catch them, but we're always around supervising the cats (they're not allowed outside alone) and we make the cat drop the chipmunk when we see this happen. Chipmunk gets up and runs away. When cats and dogs are natural predators I don't think there's any way to make them not start to follow their instinct. But my Siamese WILL stop in her tracks when she's running after a chipmunk and I call her! She'll stop chasing and come back. Amazing.

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Sounds silly, but I would put a cow bell or similar on him. I had to put a bell collar on our chipmunk killing cat and it's worked great.

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