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archoo16(5b, MO)June 18, 2012

Hi. I sowed some seeds from a grocery store roma tomato in first week of april, thinned them to 4 plants , 2 in 1 gallon pots and 2 in 3 gallon pots. of the 4 plants, 1 has exceeded my expectations. It flowered in 53 days. Now its has almost 17 trusses each with an average of 6 flowers. I did not prune or cage. the first fruit is almost grocery store size and green, so it might get a little bigger. the other greenies look beautiful. The plant itself is 23 inches tall. :-D Its perfect for my balcony garden. I want to know what should I look for when collecting seeds? the other plant are doing relatively well, the other one in 3 gallon pot had some blossom end rot problem after sudden shower, but much better now. My awesome plant just enjoyed the showers and opened more blooms. I am in love with it. By the way I have been self pollinating the flowers assiduously. I cant prevent other factors, but chances are more that they were self pollinated. Now, what should I look for in the fruits I collect for seeds? Thanks for any help.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Biggest and healthiest

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Most grocery store roma's are commercial hybrids so if you do save seeds you probably won't get the same romas again when you sow those saved seeds next year.

Saved seeds from hybrids, any hybrids, don't come true from saved seeds.

But no harm in doing it to see what you do get.


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The $2 needed to buy seeds is well worth the investment. Grocery store varieties are developed for commercial farming conditions (high chemicals and water) and to produce uniform looking fruit. There is no regard for taste in the breeding.

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archoo16(5b, MO)

Thanks guys. But I am really doing this just for fun. We are allowed 3 pots in our apartments and I have over 20 1-3 gallon pots and many tiny herb pots (translated yogurt containers). I dunno when they are going to be tossed out. Besides this is kind a fun, not knowing what's going to show up. hehehe! may be some day I might end up with frankestomato :-D. Thanks dickiefickle, biggest and healthiest it is!

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