could someone identify my climbing parasite?

KarlAndCherisse(z6 Boston, MA)June 19, 2005

Hello, we have a climbing-vine weed that has long been a terror in our yard. It is such a nuissance that I figured there must be so many people with it that it would be easy to find. Yet we have been as yet unable to identify it. It doesn't match any of the climbing nightshades, bindweeds, strangleweeds, dodders, or anything else we've found. It has a very simple, heart-shaped dark green leaf and the tip of the vine sometimes sports tiny purple star-shaped flowers (of which I was unable to get a good photo, but the flowers are no bigger than 1/4 inch across).

Anyway, this weed grows near the base of shrubs, lilacs, other woody plants and bushes and twines itself around the branches, and eventually kills (or seriously emaciates) its host, depending on how large and robust the shrub is.

Image link:

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liatris52(Cdn z6b)

It looks like Strangling Dog Vine to me -- a real pest.


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KarlAndCherisse(z6 Boston, MA)

Thanks, Joanne! With that name we were able to do some more searching, for those interested... it is also known as "pale swallow-wort".

Karl and Cherisse

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