What species of weedy grass is this?

samnsarahJune 10, 2012

I have a BUNCH of this grass in my backyard. (see photos below) It is not crabgrass or silver crabgrass. I thought it may be barnyard grass, but the seed heads are totaly different than those of barnyard grass. I think it may be some sort of rye grass, but I don't know for sure. Does anyone else know what species of grass this is?

P.S. Photos from Photobucket look a lot better in posts than those from Flickr.

Here are the roots and underside of the plant:

And here is one of the seed heads:

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That could be either Annual Ryegrass or Annual Bluegrass.

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Thanks, kimmsr. Now that I was able to narrow my search I googled "Annual Bluegrass" and that is exactly what it is. Now I need to figure out if it is a desirable grass or just more weeds and how to get rid of it if it is a weed. (I wonder if Haltz will prevent it from sprouting again next year?)

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These annuals are considered by many to be "weeds" and they usually die out shortly so nothing, other than removal, is needed to be done.

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Well, I'm trying to establish Bermuda grass in my back yard, but the annual bluegrass has taken over so they have to go. I sprayed round up last night. after they have died I will rake them up and then plant the Bermuda sprigs.

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