Dogs found nest of Baby Bunnies

nicolelynnJune 23, 2013

My Pitt dug up a nest of 6 babies last night. We collected them all and put them back in the nest. They are starting to grow fur and the eye's are closed. They were all breathing and moving slightly. My pup didn't try to hurt them. She just wanted to play and tossed 1 a few times until I figured out what she had. We secured the nest ( in my strawberry garden) -note we had just uncovered the strawberries a few days ago. I checked this am and 2 look as if they are dead, but the other 4 are moving and all snuggled up together. We let the house and I came back and now they are all buried agin under hay/fur etc. Except 1, but again I think it's dead.

My question is what can I do or do I do for these babies? Do I remove the deceased? How do I know if Mom is coming back? I did find a patch of hair near the strawberry patches that could look like a dead animal just not sure if its rabbit fur. I live near woods and wildlife is all around. I have baby squirrels in a Martins house right now also. I do know there is an owl near by to.

I do not leave my dogs out unsupervised since the incident.

Thanks for any advice :)

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Mama bunnies leave their babies for quite awhile during the day.

If I were you I'd make one last visit and remove the dead baby. I guess it's the one with blood on its bottom.

Then leave the nest and don't visit again. When you visit the nest you leave a scent trail for other predators.

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