Need Advice - Weeds in large area of Bushes

rickaloJune 24, 2007

At our local high school, along a 150ft length (by 40ft wide) of the auditorium, we planted 4 rows of decorative bushes (potentillas and burning bushes), a row of flowering crabapple trees, 2 more rows of burning bushes and then a row of arbor vitae trees. In the area underneath the trees, and between the bushes, weeds are getting out of control, and some getting very large. Since mulching is not only cost prohibitive, but difficult due to the number of plantings (200 bushes, 8 trees, and 30 arbor vitae), the only recourse I have found is to go in and try to pull the weeds out... and then spray roundup... that lasts for a month or so...

I am looking for a less labor intensive method - one I could do now, and have it control the weeds for the rest of the year. The vinegar trick is what I am thinking, but wonder if, given my situation being so large, there might be some other ideas I should try...

Thanks for the help... this is a great site!


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Its tricky. The best way to deal with the situation, long term, is to put a weed barrier down (newspaper is good), and mulch. But you say the cost of mulch is prohibitive.

Perhaps you could get the children to do the weed pulling, or even a working bee with the parents.

It sounds lovely, the planting you have done.

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