Engulfed in weeds!

Chill77June 22, 2013

Our yard is in bad shape and completely overrun by these (now) tall weeds. With two toddlers, and bad back troubles, these weeds have spread and grown.

I've tried removing them manually at the root, not only is it taking me forever but I'm wondering if i'm spreading seeds and making things worse. On the flip side, I can use a weed wacker but won't they just come back?

Can anyone identify what these are (pic attached) and what I can do? Getting desperate here! : )

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Since "weeds" are plants we do not want growing where we do not want them growing that grass species may be a "weed" or it may well be the grass you want gone to seed.

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Could you post a picture of a whole plant? It's hard to tell dried grass stalks apart. When you pull the plants up, do they have thickish white roots going out to the side?

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