Big Leaf (pic in gallery)

delightp(5/ IN)June 4, 2006

Hi, I posted a picture of a largeish leaved weed in the gallery. Only post in that forum this year so I thought I'd pop in here. "big leaf, little one" post. The small one I've identified but still cant figure out the Large Leaved one. The leaves seem to be more rounded than they appear in the picture very evenly toothed on the edges. No flowers as of today. Do not know if it makes flowers. Oh yeah, its the plant on the right.

Hopefully I picked the right photobucket tag.



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Looks like some kind of ornamental Mallow....couldn't tell you which.


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delightp(5/ IN)

Thanks for the clue Vera. I may have to wait for a flower its hard to ID a leaf. I wandered a bit through mallow's... theres a lot of mallows. LOL

Its not common, little, round leaf, or indian. Those seem to be the favorite mallows to take pictures of. (at least that I could see the leaf) Mostly I just saw close ups of flowers.

I'll keep searching around maybe I'll come up with a search word that'll narrow things a bit more, or just get lucky.



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I have the same thing in my yard. It looks like rhubarb when allowed to grow. Very invasive critter.

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bcday(z5 NY)

That looks like garlic mustard. Crush one of the leaves and see if it smells like garlic. Garlic mustard is a biennial, so if that's what it is, you might not see flowers until next year -- but do yourself a favor and pull it up before it has a chance to bloom and reseed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garlic mustard

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fatso(z5 OH)

I agree, it's garlic mustard. Don't let it go to seed unless you want a lot more of it. It's a noxious weed.

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delightp(5/ IN)

Think y'all are right about the garlic mustard. That was my first thought but none of the pictures I could find looked right, but I just found one that matches up.

The only problem with pulling a weed is they sometimes have friends.... camera wasnt available but since you solved THAT guy

How about clover like foliage with tiny yellow trumpet shaped flowers? I really need to learn how to just kill stuff without wondering what it is.



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SOunds like Oxalis/Yellow Wood Sorrell. Have a picture? Most common weed killers (Weed-B-Gone) will kill it fairly easily.

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delightp(5/ IN)

Thats it, thanks. Dont think I need weed b gone. The area is kept weeded pretty good just a little fellow. I just need to quit weeding is all, then I wont feel compelled to figure out what the little guys are before the massacre.

On the bright side I've found the website I lost that I like to use for weed figuring outing when they are in flower. Things should get a bit easier now.

thanks again


Here is a link that might be useful: Wildflowers by time of flowering/ color

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treeskate(6a Hartford CT)

The August issue of Fine Gardening has info about the invasive garlic mustard in the Q&A section. Well worth reading.

I've been battling this for years in my own gardens and it just seems to be getting worse rather than better. Article said the seed can remain viable in the soil for up the 5 years......drat!

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